Jacob & Co., a privately held jewelry and wristwatch retailer founded in 1986 by diamond designer Jacob Arabo, has recently unveiled its newest "Millionnaire Yellow Diamonds" watch, which retails for $6 million. In 2015, the "Billionaire" watch was released, with 260 carats of diamonds retailing for $18 million!

To give some details on this timepiece, the complete case of the watch, lugs and entire bracelet is thoroughly set with 127.45 carats of square Emerald-cut certified Intense yellow diamonds. The case is set with 54 emerald-cut diamonds, and the crown is set with a single rose-cut yellow diamond. In total, the watch case is adorned with 31.74 carats. The dial of the watch features 11 baguette-cut yellow diamonds, and the 18-karat yellow gold bracelet is set with 210 emerald-cut yellow diamonds weighing another 95.71 carats. In total, this new watch contains 276  yellow diamonds. It is also crafted of 18-karat yellow gold to further enhance the yellow diamonds.

It wasn't easy to make this watch, though. It took Jacob & Co. two years to collect all of the diamonds for this piece, with the main challenge being finding enough yellow diamonds with the same color and quality: intense yellow. Since it took such a long amount of time to find all of the perfectly matched diamonds and immense amount of work that goes into the setting of the stones, this is a one-of-a-kind watch.

The mechanism of the watch is an exclusive Jacob & Co.  skeletonized manual wind caliber (JCAM23). Each of the 197 individual components is hand finished and polished, and each is reduced to the barest minimum of metal possible without compromising the part's strength and durability.

"In my mind, the buyer of the Millionnaire is someone who can buy almost any watch or piece of jewelry they want, but are looking for a piece that is daring and unique -- yet still timeless," says Jacob Arabo. "It's not the type of watch that someone wears everyday, so I imagine the buyer as a collector, who appreciates the artistry and attention of detail put into the piece."