If you have some loose diamonds laying around that you may not find use for, here are some ways to get use out of them.

  1. Creating custom design jewelry -Having an uncut stone helps to create varied forms of jewelry. A stand-alone stone can be crafted to have a pendant necklace designed, added to a bracelet, or even create your own engagement ring. Because you have endless possibilities for uses for your loose diamonds, you can create jewelry you always wanted. Designing custom jewelry is the biggest advantage behind owning a loose diamond stone.
  2. Get the maximum value for your money -If you are quickly in need of funds for an emergency situation, you can sell your loose diamonds at a reliable diamond buyer such as Unlimited Buyers. Here at Unlimited Buyers, we weigh and test the diamonds in front of you so that you know you are getting the most for your money.
  3. Matches with any outfit -A legacy diamond stone or a uniquely designed couture matches any kind of outfit. This way, you are looking fully glamorous when you hit theaters or opera shows with your fiancé or with a group of friends. As mentioned above, you can design your own ring and wear the diamond jewelry piece for your own wedding event. The possibilities are unlimited when you have loose diamonds laying around.