As the weather starts heating up, you may notice a shift in the color scheme as well as the jewelry everyone is wearing. You may be looking through your social media noticing more shades of pink, lavender, yellow, blue and green, a big shift from the earthy tones of the fall/winter seasons. There’s been an increase in comfort fashion, as well as a return of some 90s fashion, like anklets and cuff bracelets. 2018 seems to be a year of fresh takes on old favorites. Here are some jewelry trends that will help you stay trendy this summer:

Tropical Stones: These brightly colored stones help give off a fresh spring vibe, with stones such as emeralds, aquamarines, and sapphires accentuating any outfit perfectly. Fashion icons like Gucci, Moschino, and Victoria Beckham have all experimented with trendy colors that give off a strong and animated vibe that compliments an ethereal look.

Statement Jewelry: Vogue says the Spring/Summer runway saw a lineup of long earrings that cascaded past the shoulders. These earrings look best in gold and silver but designers have been playing around with pastel colors for a more fun, casual look.

Baroque Resurgence: Christian Dior, Philip Jacobs, and Paco Rabanne are all trying to bring baroque-esque jewelry back, with jewelry pieces exhibiting the intricate patterns that are key to this time period.

Mix and Matching: earrings have found a new graphic-inspired balance.