Let's be real now, if you want to sell your jewelry with the price you bought it with then, selling your jewelry isn't a good choice. This is because preordained jewelry aren't as valuable as new one. For example, couples who want to buy a ring for their marriage won't go to an estate jewelry center to buy ones already used. This is because of some superstitious reason, they will think that it's an ominous sign to their marriage. If you want to get the most out of your used jewelry, you should start to take good care of it as soon as you bought it.

Factors That Determines The Value of Your Jewelry

The condition of your jewelry is one major factor when estimating its values. A broken or damaged jewelry needs restoration fee and sometimes the estate dealer won't want to pay for a jewelry that needs to be fixed. The style of the jewelry is also a factor. If your jewelry is out-of-date the estate dealer might not want to purchase your jewelry, if they did it would be difficult for them to sell it out. Selling you jewelry to an estate is something that needs compromise from both. Not everything goes the way you wanted and compromise is a step that needs to be done for the better. Trust plays a big part when making a deal, who's gonna do the action first? are you going to give in your jewelry before the dealer gives you the money? Or are you going to wait for the money?

Tips to Clean Your Jewelry


Properly cleaning your jewelry is very important! If you don't know how to clean it don't do it yourself! Jewelries are very fragile and if it's cleaned improperly it would damage your jewelry. Giving it to a professional jeweler would be the best way to make sure that your jewelry is cleaned. Some jewelry stores would even clean your jewelry for free.






Never clean gold and gems in chlorine. Cleaning products that contain ammonia are used throughout the jewelry industry, but they can easily harm some gems. Never buy cleaning products that your aren't sure if it's going to harm your gem, don't take the risk. Now lets talk about if you want to clean your jewelry at home. A good choice would be using a mild soap with warm water and a soft toothbrush, then rinse thoroughly. DON'T use a hard toothbrush and toothpaste or tooth-powder because it will scratch gold and hurt some gems.



Keeping your jewelry as good as new is the key to obtain a higher price for it. Broken and damaged jewelries would affect its price and values enormously. No one would like to buy a broken jewelry home because it's no longer worth the money.