Jewelry is one of many things that woman cares the most. They should be cared for regularly so that it maintains its beauty. Especially gems such as diamonds, they can be dirty very easily because of the constant use. In this article I will teach you five useful tips for taking care of your jewelry. 

  1. Check for broken areas- Always check for any loose gems or gaps in your jewelry. If you find a problem or loose gems go repair it immediately. Every piece of gem on your jewelry is valuable and expensive, so you should take good care of it.
  2. Remove your jewelry when doing housework- Always remove your jewelry when engaging and exposing with chemicals. This might include times when doing housework.
  3. Have them cleaned annually by a professional- Even if you often clean your jewelries you should still bring them to a professional annually. This is because a professional knows how to clean your jewelry the right way so that it won't hurt your jewelry.
  4. Clean them regularly- Cleaning your jewelry regularly is a very important aspect of having good jewelry. Jewelry often have dirt and other stuff on top of it when it has been used for a long time. Cleaning it regularly can help maintain your jewelry's beauty.
  5. Don't put them together- Don't through all your jewelry together in a box. This will tangle your jewelry and make it hard to untangle. Make sure that your jewelry is isolated from one another to prevent scratching.