Engagement rings are beautiful pieces of jewelry. They can be incredibly timeless features and yet just like any other piece of jewelry, there are popular trends every year. Let's take a look at what engagement rings have been trending in 2019.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

When people typically think of engagement rings they think of the traditional round solitaire. However, recently, nonround or "fancy-shaped" diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. Oval and pear-shaped rings were really popular this past year as well as cushion cut diamonds.

Gallery Detailing

Many couples want little beautiful touches to their ring that set their ring apart from others. Since Accented galleries and surprise diamond details are a great way to add something special to an understated classic look and have risen in popularity.

Putting a new spin on three-stone rings

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got engaged (and then married), three stone engagement rings have risen in popularity. These rings are supposed to represent the couples, past, present, and future. The classic ring boasts a center gem accented by two diamonds or colorful gemstones on either side. However, this year people have been putting a contemporary feel on the classic by switching out the stones with fancy-shaped and unique accent gemstones including baguettes, trillions and pears, and elegantly thin bands.

Yellow Gold

This metal has been on a rise in 2019. Many celebrities like Meghan Markle have opted for yellow gold engagement rings. Yellow gold settings beautifully complement a stunning center diamond as well as other colored gemstones, and this lustrous precious metal works beautifully in classic, vintage and modern settings.

Stacked and Nested Rings

A well-curated stack has the opportunity of making a bold statement for any bride. Brides have increasingly been seen adding multiple wedding bands to their ring finger or selecting styles that have a stacked look in one ring.

Delicate and Distinctive Halos

Halo engagement rings have been very popular these past few years because of their elegant and glamorous look as well as the fact that a halo of accent diamonds makes a center diamond appear larger. Couples have not only been interested in the halos featuring traditional round and cushion-shaped diamonds but also rings with more distinctive halo designs and delicate details.

Organic Designs

Some brides love the idea of engagement rings but don't want the ring to look traditional. Having an engagement ring with an organic cluster of diamonds allows you to express the individuality of your future bride and give your ring some sparkle.