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Engagement Ring Trends in 2019

Engagement rings are beautiful pieces of jewelry. They can be incredibly timeless features and yet just like any other piece of jewelry, there are popular trends every year. Let's take a look at what engagement rings have been trending in 2019.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

When people typically think of engagement rings they think of the traditional round solitaire. However, recently, nonround or "fancy-shaped" diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. Oval and pear-shaped rings were really popular this past year as well as cushion cut diamonds.

Gallery Detailing

Many couples want little beautiful touches to their ring that set their ring apart from others. Since Accented galleries and surprise diamond details are a great way to add something special to an understated classic look and have risen in popularity.

Putting a new spin on three-stone rings

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got engaged (and then married), three stone engagement rings have risen in popularity. These rings are supposed to represent the couples, past, present, and future. The classic ring boasts a center gem accented by two diamonds or colorful gemstones on either side. However, this year people have been putting a contemporary feel on the classic by switching out the stones with fancy-shaped and unique accent gemstones including baguettes, trillions and pears, and elegantly thin bands.

Yellow Gold

This metal has been on a rise in 2019. Many celebrities like Meghan Markle have opted for yellow gold engagement rings. Yellow gold settings beautifully complement a stunning center diamond as well as other colored gemstones, and this lustrous precious metal works beautifully in classic, vintage and modern settings.

Stacked and Nested Rings

A well-curated stack has the opportunity of making a bold statement for any bride. Brides have increasingly been seen adding multiple wedding bands to their ring finger or selecting styles that have a stacked look in one ring.

Delicate and Distinctive Halos

Halo engagement rings have been very popular these past few years because of their elegant and glamorous look as well as the fact that a halo of accent diamonds makes a center diamond appear larger. Couples have not only been interested in the halos featuring traditional round and cushion-shaped diamonds but also rings with more distinctive halo designs and delicate details.

Organic Designs

Some brides love the idea of engagement rings but don't want the ring to look traditional. Having an engagement ring with an organic cluster of diamonds allows you to express the individuality of your future bride and give your ring some sparkle.


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The 4 C’s of a Diamond


How can we measure the value of a diamond?  It's based on what is typically called the 4 C’s. These four C’s are the diamond’s carat weight, clarity, color, and cut.

The more a diamond weights the more its worth. A 2.0 ct. diamond weights much more than a 0.75 ct. diamond.

The clarity of a diamond is tasing about the diamonds inclusion. Inclusion are the spots you can see through a diamond. The more you can clearly see the less it cost.

The color of a diamond is categorize from D to Z. The more color it has (Closer to Z) the less it values. The less color, the more it shines, the more it cost.

The ideal cut of a diamond will reflect as much light as possible out of the top of the crystal.The better the effect the more it cost.

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How To Protect Your Watch?

Keep Away From Magnets

Watches that rely on gear mechanic can be adversely affected by magnets. Magents are most commonly found in televisions or laptops in your house. Make sure to keep these electromagnetic devices away from your watch. Magnets may effect the metal components inside your watch and will affect its operation.

Take It Off When Doing Exercise

If you are going to do exercises such as tennis or rock climbing it would be a good idea to take off your watch. Leave your watch off to avoid any damage while you are doing exercise. Droping or bumping your watch too many times may damage it's components and surface.

Avoid Extreme Temperature

Don't have your watch be in a place where the temperature is either warmer than 140 °F or colder than 32 degrees. Extreme heat or cold can effect the lubricants inside your watch which, allows it to operate.

Professional Check-up


Have your Watch being check by a professional every one or two year. Cleaning at home by yourself isn't enough, the professional are the one who knows watches the best.


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The Top Most Popular Diamond Shapes

The round brilliant diamond is known today as the classic diamond shape. It is by far the most popular and most researched diamond shape today. This style of cutting was done by hand, so it is impossible to replicate perfectly every time.





The princess-cut is the most popular non-round diamond. Many people favorite princess-cut diamonds for engagement rings. Though called a princess-cut its a traditionally square in shape.

 The heart is the symbol of love. This unique heart shape attracts many people into buying a heart-shaped diamond. Not only that it's different and unique from other shape, but the implied meaning given to it also greatly affects it
A marquise-cut diamond can maximize the look of carat weight, making it look much larger than it does. Marquise diamonds look best when set with round or pear-shaped diamonds on the side. The length of the marquise diamond also makes your fingers appear longer due to its unique shape.

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5 Tips To Care For Your Jewelry

Jewelry is one of many things that woman cares the most. They should be cared for regularly so that it maintains its beauty. Especially gems such as diamonds, they can be dirty very easily because of the constant use. In this article I will teach you five useful tips for taking care of your jewelry. 

  1. Check for broken areas- Always check for any loose gems or gaps in your jewelry. If you find a problem or loose gems go repair it immediately. Every piece of gem on your jewelry is valuable and expensive, so you should take good care of it.
  2. Remove your jewelry when doing housework- Always remove your jewelry when engaging and exposing with chemicals. This might include times when doing housework.
  3. Have them cleaned annually by a professional- Even if you often clean your jewelries you should still bring them to a professional annually. This is because a professional knows how to clean your jewelry the right way so that it won't hurt your jewelry.
  4. Clean them regularly- Cleaning your jewelry regularly is a very important aspect of having good jewelry. Jewelry often have dirt and other stuff on top of it when it has been used for a long time. Cleaning it regularly can help maintain your jewelry's beauty.
  5. Don't put them together- Don't through all your jewelry together in a box. This will tangle your jewelry and make it hard to untangle. Make sure that your jewelry is isolated from one another to prevent scratching.

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Buying Diamonds

Almost everyone buys a diamond ring to symbolize their marriage, but the question "what kind of diamond to look for" would be very important. The first thing you need to do is brainstorm what kind of diamonds would you like to buy? What's your money range? The type of diamond you want to buy really affects the cost of the diamond itself. Maybe a smaller carats of diamond may even be more expensive than other ones because of its purity and how it was made.


Another important aspect when buying a diamond is to buy one that you like. Everyone likes a different style, so when buying a diamond the first most important thing is to buy a style that you would like, rather than what others would like. You don't have to buy a higher carat diamond just to show others that you are rich. If you don't even like your diamond ring then it's simply useless.

Specialized Stores

The store that you go to buy your diamond ring is also important. Some stores specialize in making diamonds and have a wider knowledge of diamonds. They may also assist you on picking your diamonds and you can also take in advice from them.


Finance is a major part when buying diamonds. Will you be able to afford it or is it worth to buy a rock so expensive? Sorting out the proper finance management is important so that when your re searching for your ring you know what range you would be searching for.

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How To Clean Your Jewelries Effectively At Home?

Every woman loves jewelry, but not every woman love a damaged or dirty jewelry. Jewelry is like a woman's face, it needs care and essence every so often. If your jewelry isn't taken cared properly then you might not want to wear it out anymore. This article is going to tell you the proper way to clean your jewelries effectively and properly.

Dish Soap

Many household materials like dish soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and baking soda can be very helpful for jewelry clean ups! Now let's first talk about dish soaps. Dish soap can help you by getting rid of all the dirty substances laying on top of your jewelry. To start just mix some water with the dish soap. Then just get a cloth or something and dip some of the solutions. Rubbing your jewelry with this can leave you jewelries shiny and clean.





Toothpaste And Toothbrush

Toothpaste and toothbrush, as we know have a lot of usage. One of them are for brushing our teeth, another might be cleaning tiny areas that have been dirty. Well, another usage for toothpaste and toothbrush are cleaning jewelries! They don't only help you prevent cavities for your teeth, but they are also very effective when cleaning the dirty coating covered on top of your jewelry. To clean, squeeze out some toothpaste and cover it over your jewelry, then use your toothbrush and rub back and forth.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is widely used around many household kitchens and this product can also help you clean your jewelries. Just stir some baking soda in water and gently rub your jewelry with a wet cloth. This will help you remove dirt and other substances from your jewelry.

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Sell Your Jewelry With The Most Ideal Price

Let's be real now, if you want to sell your jewelry with the price you bought it with then, selling your jewelry isn't a good choice. This is because preordained jewelry aren't as valuable as new one. For example, couples who want to buy a ring for their marriage won't go to an estate jewelry center to buy ones already used. This is because of some superstitious reason, they will think that it's an ominous sign to their marriage. If you want to get the most out of your used jewelry, you should start to take good care of it as soon as you bought it.

Factors That Determines The Value of Your Jewelry

The condition of your jewelry is one major factor when estimating its values. A broken or damaged jewelry needs restoration fee and sometimes the estate dealer won't want to pay for a jewelry that needs to be fixed. The style of the jewelry is also a factor. If your jewelry is out-of-date the estate dealer might not want to purchase your jewelry, if they did it would be difficult for them to sell it out. Selling you jewelry to an estate is something that needs compromise from both. Not everything goes the way you wanted and compromise is a step that needs to be done for the better. Trust plays a big part when making a deal, who's gonna do the action first? are you going to give in your jewelry before the dealer gives you the money? Or are you going to wait for the money?

Tips to Clean Your Jewelry


Properly cleaning your jewelry is very important! If you don't know how to clean it don't do it yourself! Jewelries are very fragile and if it's cleaned improperly it would damage your jewelry. Giving it to a professional jeweler would be the best way to make sure that your jewelry is cleaned. Some jewelry stores would even clean your jewelry for free.






Never clean gold and gems in chlorine. Cleaning products that contain ammonia are used throughout the jewelry industry, but they can easily harm some gems. Never buy cleaning products that your aren't sure if it's going to harm your gem, don't take the risk. Now lets talk about if you want to clean your jewelry at home. A good choice would be using a mild soap with warm water and a soft toothbrush, then rinse thoroughly. DON'T use a hard toothbrush and toothpaste or tooth-powder because it will scratch gold and hurt some gems.



Keeping your jewelry as good as new is the key to obtain a higher price for it. Broken and damaged jewelries would affect its price and values enormously. No one would like to buy a broken jewelry home because it's no longer worth the money.


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4 Things to Know Before Purchasing an Engagement Ring

If you have no clue on what you should be looking out for when buying an engagement ring, this list will help you get started!

1. The 4 C's

Cut, color, clarity, and carat.

When it comes to the cut of the ring, it doesn't actually refer to the shape or size of the stone but rather the angles and proportions. There are 2 factors to a well-cut diamond; mirror-like facets and white light. Both factors are crucial to consider if you want your engagement ring to shine bright! The color of a diamond is one of the determinations on how expensive the ring can get. The closer the diamond is to being colorless, the more valuable and pricey it can be. There is a scale from D (colorless) to Z (yellow light) that a buyer can choose from so make sure to ask your jeweler on your options! The clarity of the stone refers to how clear the diamond is. The price of the diamond can vary depending on the level and type of inclusions present. As for carats, this refers to the weight of the diamond. As you've probably guessed, the increase in carat sizes also means the increase in price tag... But keep this in mind! Just because you got a bigger carat it doesn't necessarily mean that the diamond will be big. Depending on the design and mounting of the stone, the actual shape of it might differ.

2. What Metal?

The metal for the band of the ring is also a crucial aspect to consider when buying an engagement ring. There are a wide variety of metals to chose from, but among those the most popular ones are gold, platinum, palladium, and silver. Platinum is known to be the most durable and pure, as well as hypoallergenic which is great for people with sensitive skins. If color is something that is important, gold can come in as yellow, white, or rose.

3. It Can Take Some Time

Ideally, receiving your ring can take up to 6-8 weeks, depending on what type of engagement ring it is and how you customized it. Of course, the more customization there is in the order, the longer it would take. So make sure not to time the arrival of the engagement ring and the proposal so closely together! Moreover, any customization on the ring should be said before making the order.

4. Make Sure to Have a Budget

Buying an engagement ring for your loved ones can feel like a lot of pressure without a budget. Once you have set a realistic budget for your spending, then buying a ring can turn out to be much easier and fun. There are many ways to get your loved ones the perfect ring without emptying your pocket. So set a budget, inform the jeweler on the budget, and then you'll be ready to start looking!

Now that you know the basics, come visit us, or call us at (212)-764-6725 today to learn more about your options!

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How To Properly Clean Your Gold Jewelry

Cleaning Gold

If you're looking to sell gold jewelry, clean it! Use a jewelry cleaning solution that works best for gold accessories, and get to work! This will not only help your jewelry look nicer, but also increase the price you can sell it for.

If you don't have a jewelry cleaning solution, then follow these steps for cleaning your gold:

1. Stir in a bit of Dawn dish detergent in a bowl of warm water.

2. Add some drops of ammonia in the water.

3. Brush the jewelry with a small toothbrush.

4. Rinse it out.

5. Towel-dry with a cloth or paper towel.

Proceed With Caution

Gold jewelry is very difficult to maintain because it is easy to damage. There are plenty of household cleaning supplies that can tarnish your gold accessories. This is why it is important to take off your jewelry when you are washing your hands or cleaning. It is especially crucial that you keep your gold jewelry away from soap and chlorine.

The common Dawn dish soap does not cause damage to gold jewelry, but soap with unknown ingredients does. If you are not aware of the ingredients in your hand or body soap, then make sure to keep your gold jewelry away from it. Chlorine is also hazardous to your gold because it can permanently damage and discolor it. This includes cleaning with chlorine bleach as well. Even though pure gold jewelry is not damaged easily, most gold jewelry is a combination of many metals. If you are unsure of what kind of gold you are dealing with, it is best to proceed with caution.

Talk To Your Jeweler

Although there are many ways to clean your jewelry at home, getting a professional cleaning every once and a while is important. A jewelry professional will know exactly what kind of care your gold jewelry needs.

Cleaning your gold jewelry before selling it can be tricky, so follow these tips to make your life a little easier! For more information, contact us at

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