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Cloth Period Pads

Cloth Period Pads

Hi! My name is Kay and I’m the maker behind Moody V. In 2017, I started sewing my own cloth period pads. I was getting more interested in reducing how much waste I produce. I was also getting so fed up with menstrual products that hurt me, irritated me, and cost me so much money. Tampons were abrasive and uncomfortable. Cups were intimidating and messy. Disposable pads were itchy, smelly, and hot.

I made my first pad, which by the way, was not as pretty as Moody V pads are now (haha!), and I tried it on. It fit snugly around the middle of my underwear, and didn’t slide around even though there were no adhesives! I was like, “Uh, ok! Woah”! The cloth pad itself was soft and cozy, and contoured my body perfectly. The pad core (the thicker, absorbent part that’s not the wings) is sewn ON TOP of the wing base. It’s not all one flush piece. So, that means that the pad doesn’t wanna barrel roll around the middle of your underwear!

When my period came around, it was time for the first true test. I have a light-to-medium flow on my period, so I chose a regular absorbency pad. Moody V’s regular absorbency menstrual pads are 100% cotton, but don’t let that freak you out. It’s 4 layers of cotton flannel (or sometimes a cotton linen-y feeling fabric), PLUS a layer of cotton terry cloth. Terry cloth is towel material, by the way. Cotton is a breathable, absorbent, moisture-wicking fabric that can really hold quite a bit of fluid. And remember, it’s also rapidly drying while you’re wearing it!

So anyway, I was ready to take my first reusable pad on a test drive. I wore it to a day of college classes and literally forgot I was wearing it until I had that oh-so relatable moment of “Oh crap, I think some menstrual fluid just came out of me”. So I went to the bathroom and checked it out, wiped the glob of fluid off my pad, and went back to class. It never bled through, and it was comfortable the whole day. It was like wearing a cloud, and a cute one, at that! How great is it to use a pad that isn’t so frumpy and sad looking? From that first day I have literally just been that fish from Spongebob who just tried a Krabby Patty filled with jellyfish jelly, except I’m a human and the Krabby Patty filled with jellyfish jelly is cloth menstrual pads.

For those of y’all who have not seen that episode, the fish is excited enough to sing songs and share their new passion for a burger with jelly on it. Pls expect more stellar content such as this from this blog! Lmao

Cloth Period Pads