Diamond Buyers In Orlando Fl

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Diamond Buyers In Orlando Fl

Many reasons could push you to sell your diamonds, such as a divorce, financial emergency, or sheer choice without a deep motivation. The process is unnerving when you do not know how to quantify the value of the piece. You could bump into buyers who undercut your diamond and sell you a story of its diminished value.

It is easy to buy into the myth of undervalued diamonds because the Internet is full of stories about their actual status. Do you want to keep that diamond at the expense of hearsay that encourages fear? All it takes is understanding a few cautionary cases that will protect you against fraudulent diamond buyers in Orlando FL.

What to watch out for a while selling diamonds online

Lack of choices

You should always shop around for the best offer or interview the most reputable buyer to understand the value of the diamond. It is almost impossible to get the real impression of a buyer through your screen.

Visit their local shop to interact with the buyers and get a real-time update of their buying process. We have four buying locations in Florida and can weigh and appraise your diamond on the first visit. We can also travel to your site at a discussed price and offer you cash after the transaction. The benefit of a physical office is that you can verify our business through local commentaries and interact with local clients who find great value in our system.

Limited experience

An inexperienced buyer is a considerable risk in the transaction. They more than likely operate without a GIA certification and lack the knowledge of appraising all types of diamonds in the market. This case means that you cannot assign an appropriate value to the diamond and may receive an underpayment.

Orlando Jewelry Buyers has experience buying the most common and rare diamonds. We know the process of certificating a diamond and transfer the correct value to the client.

Refund scam

A refund scan is the refund fraud or theft that involves returning an unsuitable product for a refund. These organizations possess almost everything that earmarks them as professionals. You may miss signs that they did not take your diamond through the right valuation process as they wait to return.

Such buyers may exchange the real diamond with a false one and include a sneak line in the agreement, restricting you from pursuing a refund. They may also claim they did not receive your diamond; hence they cannot process the refund. Refund scams are common on public platforms like Amazon and eBay. Your best bet is in choosing an independent buyer with enough verifiable reviews.

Hidden charges

Hidden fees are typical for monthly transactions like your monthly subscription billing. An online diamond buyer can include taking a percentage of the sale and exuberant processing and delivery fees that dent your final amount.

Bad experiences occur when you have misinformation of the purchase. Our diamond buyers in Orlando FL have a transparent transaction so you can make a knowledgeable purchase. We are available for five hours every day and will take a walk-in order or booking appointment with equal swiftness.


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