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Top Tips For Hiring the Right Seattle Mortgage Broker:

Tip #1: Before deciding who you’ll turn to for your mortgage loan, consider the many benefits associated with hiring a Seattle mortgage broker over a traditional lender. While it’s true that most people turn to their local bank for a loan when thinking about buying a house, the fact is, your bank might not offer you the lowest rate of interest or the best terms with regard to your finances. Just because your bank is a familiar face, that doesn’t mean you’ll be treated with preferential treatment when you schedule a meeting with one of their loan specialists. Most clients find they are treated just like every other client who walks through the door, even after decades of faithful business.

Solution: Working with a Seattle mortgage broker provides you with access to a network of lenders who will compete for your business through offering low interest rates and terms that are tailored to meet your budget. At SMB, we have a range of loan products to choose from when it comes to helping clients purchase the home of their dreams. Give us a call at 206-251-0818 to discuss your needs.

Tip #2: Your bank or credit union most likely offers a one-size-fits-all mortgage solution for the vast majority of their clients. If that doesn’t sound like something that will end up benefiting you in the long run- you’re right. Your bank is in the business of making a profit; if you thought your first-name basis relationship with your bank teller meant you would gain an advantage when it came time to take out a mortgage, you’re probably mistaken.

Solution: Seattle Mortgage Brokers works for you- the client, and is paid in most cases by lenders. That means agents are uniquely qualified to search our network of lenders to find one that offers a product that matches your particular needs.

Tip #3: If you’ve been turned down by your bank for a home loan, you may have thought there was no place else to turn for an affordable loan. Perhaps your credit score was not high enough, or the loan officer didn’t seem to take you seriously. Your bank is only one option available to you- and very often, not the most advantageous one.

Solution: SMB can offer you a loan that is more suited to your financial needs. We offer VA loans for military customers, USDA loans for agriculture investments, low-interest conventional loans, Down payment Assistance loans, FHA loans, and Jumbo loans with rates as low as 5%.

Look no further to speak with a Seattle mortgage broker who has the skills and experience to get you the funding you need for your upcoming purchase. You can apply for a loan directly on our website or by phone when you call our office. We’re proud to be a part of the growing Seattle community, and we are passionate about helping our clients get the financing required to put down roots in Seattle and call our home their home. We've helped hundreds of home owners buy the home of their dreams. So, give us a call!

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