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A jewelry store is unlikely to give you more than fifty to sixty percent of your diamon’s retail price. You will be lucky to get half of the original cost because most stores will only offer less than forty percent. Why do some platforms offer unbelievably low prices for such highly priced stones?

Most jewelers offer low  prices because they often order their diamonds in bulk. Additionally, they do not want to deal with the struggle of establishing the quality of the diamonds amidst their usual businesses. You should always know the estimate you can receive before you opt to sell diamonds in Nashville TN. There are three main pricing categories of all diamonds.

Your diamond’s worth

Purchase price

Anyone who has dealings with a jewelry store can attest to the high price of the diamond pieces. Jewelers seek to gain 100% or 200% benefits from the retail price.

These prices slow the inventory, and mean that the price you pay for purchase is probably too high.

Appraisal value

The jeweler will quote an appraisal value that may be too high than the actual amount. It is likely that you perceive the price a bargain. The downside of the appraisal value is that you may pay a higher insurance premium.

Resale value

The amount you will get after selling the diamonds is the resale price. The resale value is typically below what you will pay as an appraisal or purchase cost.

Types of diamonds and their prices

The ideal diamond is colorless and often has the highest price. Diamonds with an N grading have a tint that is slightly visible, while the K tint has a very visible tint. All the tints beyond S have a more intense color and can be available in all shades and colors of the rainbow. The most popular diamond colors are a combination of the following colors:

  • Pink – They are an attractive variation with a secondary pink color. Pink diamonds fetch a high price for every carat, in comparison to champagne or display diamonds. They have bold light flashes and make a beautiful gift for anyone who likes a delicate jewelry
  • Yellow – They are a range of color diamonds that are available as canary colors or extreme light yellows
  • Orange – These diamonds have an energetic appeal and often represent creativity and success
  • Blue – It is one of the more expensive variations and is extremely rare to find. Technology has however made it possible to develop a blue fancy diamond with shades from sapphire to sky blue
  • White- is available in different parts of the world and is common for weddings and gifts
  • Purple – They have a natural color and tend to be costly because they do not require artificial enhancement

Blue, white, green and red diamonds are a more rare type than yellow, which is the most common shade.

Synthetic diamonds – They are a fabricated invention that do not fetch prices that are as high as the real diamonds. You can only get a high price when the specifications include more carats and a complicated cut.

The above classifications should be a guideline on how much you can get to sell diamonds in Nashville TN. Talk to us today for a no obligation quote on all the diamonds you wish to exchange for quick cash.


Sell Diamonds Nashville Tn

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