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"I checked a few places out when selling gold jewelry and out of 5 places on the block, Unlimited Buyers paid me more than anyone. I wouldn't sell my gold to anyone else.!"

Pam Harmon

"I needed a quick loan so I went to unlimited buyers & lenders in the diamond district manhattan nyc. Yakov and the entire staff was very knowledgeable gave me all of the pricing upfront on what my gold was worth and negotiated a great deal for me. I was able to get the cash I needed to take care of the situation I was in. Check them out they are honest and fair compared to everyone else on that street."

Alfred Dabu

"If you are thinking of selling a Rolex, then this is the place, they examine, tell you what it's worth, if it's collectible and how much cash you can get for it. They take a small percentage and it's a great service because you are using their clientele to get the best price"

Timothy King

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