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we buy gold in Glen Raven

we buy gold in Glen Raven

We buy gold in Glen Raven! Gold is valuable but broken and out of fashion jewelry is not. Lane Jewelers offers quick cash for your precious items discreetly.

Why should I sell my gold?

Gold is an asset that holds value even in economic crises. The price today far outstrips the dollar at between $40 and $50 per gram. However, experts claim that after the long run, the cost of this precious metal will decline.

The ten-year price of gold spiked in 2012 before crashing to a low in 2016. Since then, a minor recovery reached a recent peak in 2017. With a flat year over year price since then, the best time to sell is today.

The current trend is likely to remain until the next depression. There is unlikely to be any significant gain or loss of value until then.

Can I sell broken items?

Broken items still have value. Pieces missing components, with cracks, that are tangled, or are just unwanted contain precious metals and gems.

Think of jewelry like a car. Once the vehicle is no longer useful, it depreciates significantly. However, you can still obtain hundreds of dollars in scrap metal from a local junkyard.

Rather than merely discarding your jewelry, it is best to sell it to a reputable buyer such as us who will give you a fair price based on market value. Make space in your jewelry box and profit by selling your pieces to our company.

What types of gold jewelry can I sell?

Almost anything containing mainly gold is sellable. Items we purchase includes watches, bullion, coins, and even dental implants. These items maintain their value in practically any condition, even broken. Gold can be melted down to form new jewelry and traded.

How much can I make from my unwanted gold jewelry?

Prices are market dependent. Even so, some stores try to make as much for themselves as possible. Pawn shops work against sellers as they make more when you sell for less in a tight market. Coin stores and others may not see the same volume of business as we do either.

The pressure to make more from you is significantly lower at a jeweler. We have a steady stream of customers, especially during the wedding season, and will work to set our rates appropriately.

Can I sell gold discreetly?

Our company buys gold without revealing your identity and on your time. We allow you to choose how and when you sell. Of all the jewelry stores in Burlington, NC, we can provide secrecy.

What other items can I sell?

Gems and many metals maintain value over time. This makes them valuable to any jeweler. We offer hard cash for class rings, unwanted, scrap, and broken items containing a specific composition.

We buy gold in Glen Raven. With over twenty years of experience, we know how to treat our customers fairly and discreetly. Contact us today to have your unwanted or broken jewelry appraised and turn dead space into a healthy profit.

we buy gold in Glen Raven

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