Unlimited Buyers

Sell Your Designer Gold Jewelry, Scrap Gold or Bullion.

Unlimited funding for Gold Jewelry.

We love being New York’s largest buyer of gold jewelry and we now offer a solution that we can buy your gold jewelry outright, or if it is of sentimental value, or you don’t want to sell it, you can use our collateral loan program, where we will give you the highest amount as a loan, and you will get your gold jewelry back upon loan repayment.

No one offers the highest prices we do, and we have unlimited funding, to fund your needs.

Fast, Easy, Safe and Secure.

Convenient midtown location, open 6 days a week, unlimited funding capacity, what’s not to love? We buy and loan for all scrap, broken gold as well as high end, luxury designer gold from top designers like cartier, tiffany and other designers.

We will carefully weigh, examine and get you the best and highest price no matter if lending or selling your jewelry outright, we have the best solution possible for you.