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Selling Your Antique Jewelry

You may think that due to the age of antique jewelry, no one would want to buy something old. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! If anything, interest in antique jewelry has grown over the years. Retailers have also seen a rise in sales of antique jewelry.

There are many reasons why people want to buy this type of jewelry. One reason is that television shows have been showcasing these types of extravagant collectibles in their shows. Also, antique jewelry is simply rare due to the amount of time that has passed from when it has been created.

This type of jewelry is very unique, and can not be imitated very easily. A lot of the time, these jewelry pieces are made by hand, which distinguishes them from many other jewelry pieces.

Another huge plus is the fact that the value won’t be going down with time, many collectors actually hold on to these valuable pieces and will one day sell them for a very large amount of money.

If you are one of these people that are holding on to an antique jewelry piece, whether you had purchased one a long time ago from a department store, or if the piece is simply a hand-me-down, you are in luck.

Selling your jewelry piece to a jewelry buyer, such as Unlimited Buyers, can pay you a good amount of money for the item. You may be hesitant at first to do so.

Maybe you are thinking, this piece has been handed down to me from generation to generation. We want you to know that it’s okay to keep it, but depending on several factors, the item may give you a substantial payout.

That’s why by contacting Unlimited Buyers, we can analyze your item, and see how much it goes for. It is your choice whether or not you would like to finalize the sale. If you would like to contact us, you can call the number 646-760-6247.

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