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Sell diamond rings, engagement rings, loose diamonds, rare, exotic and colored diamonds and gemstones.

We also buy GIA certified diamonds and stones and pay the most competitive prices for your diamonds.

'I needed to sell a GIA certified diamond. This company made the process of selling a diamond in NYC easy. I submitted pictures, the GIA report and they gave me a price. I came in and in 15 minutes after everything checked out, I got the money I needed."

Chad Anton

"I had screwed up big time. I needed to sell a ring I had no use for anymore. Everyone told me to go to the Diamond District and I found this diamond buyer. He was honest (was the 5th place I went to) and gave me more than anyone offered for my stone."

Fred Roberson

"I needed cash to make the mortgage payment, well luckily I found this diamond buyer online that serves Manhattan residents. I knew what it was worth and sold it at a competitive price closest to what I paid for the ring."

Erika Fletcher

Real customers, real satisfaction!

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