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Why Sell Your Luxury Watch?

Introduction to Unlimited Buyers

At Unlimited Buyers, nestled in the vibrant heart of New York City’s Diamond District, we pride ourselves on a family-owned legacy spanning over three decades. Our expertise in buying and offering collateral loans for an array of luxury items sets us apart in the bustling market. This article is your first-hand guide into navigating the world of watch buyers NYC, leveraging our experience to bring you insights and advice on selling your luxury watches in NYC.

Why Sell Your Luxury Watch?

Selling a luxury watch can sometimes feel daunting, but there are numerous reasons why individuals choose to part with their treasured timepieces. Whether it’s to free up some cash, upgrade to a newer model, or simply declutter, understanding the motivations helps tailor our services to meet your needs. At Unlimited Buyers, we ensure a smooth transaction process, valuing your time and trust above all.

What We Buy

Our specialization encompasses a broad spectrum of luxury items, with a keen focus on high-end watches. From classic Rolexes to the modern sophistication of Panerai and Cartier, our team is equipped to offer competitive prices across various brands. Utilizing advanced technology, such as XRF gold testing machines and RapNet for diamonds, ensures that our evaluations are precise and transparent.

Our Selling Process

Expert Evaluation

At Unlimited Buyers, the process begins with a rigorous assessment by our seasoned experts. This step is crucial in establishing the authenticity and value of your watch, ensuring a fair offer that reflects the current market conditions.

Seamless Transactions

We value your convenience and trust, ensuring a seamless experience from evaluation to payment. Whether opting for instant cash or wire transfer, our process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, respecting your time and privacy.

Collateral Loans

For those not ready to part permanently with their precious watches but needing immediate financial liquidity, we offer collateral loans as a flexible solution. This service is marked by swift transactions, devoid of the complications of credit checks, reflecting our commitment to accommodating your unique circumstances.

Why Choose Unlimited Buyers?

Unmatched Expertise and Integrity

Our team’s vast knowledge and ethical practices ensure that every interaction is built on trust and professionalism. We stand by our evaluations, offering the most accurate and competitive prices in the industry.

Personalized Service

Understanding that each client’s needs are unique, we tailor our services to ensure a personalized experience. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and privacy protection distinguishes us in the heart of NYC’s luxury market.

Satisfied Customers

The accolades from our clients speak volumes about our credibility and the quality of service we provide. Testimonials highlight our professionalism, fair pricing, and efficient processes, affirming our position as a trusted destination for selling luxury watches in NYC.

Getting Started with Us

Embarking on your journey with Unlimited Buyers is a decision marked by convenience and confidence. Our doors, located at 37 W. 47th St, Suite #203, are open seven days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm, ensuring accessibility that fits your busy schedule. For those seeking competitive prices, honest evaluations, and a hassle-free process, look no further than Unlimited Buyers for your luxury watch selling needs.

Contact Information

  • Location: 37 W. 47th St, Suite #203, New York, NY
  • Phone: 212-764-6725
  • Website: [Your website]
  • Operating Hours: 9 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week

Choosing Unlimited Buyers means opting for a partner that values your luxury items as much as you do. Whether selling or seeking a collateral loan, our watch buyers NYC are here to provide an unparalleled experience, blending expertise, convenience, and competitive offers. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how we can serve your needs.

Collateral Loans

Where is best to sell a watch?

Deciding on the best place to sell a luxury watch involves a mix of convenience, trust, and receiving a fair price. For those in New York City, the Diamond District, particularly Unlimited Buyers on W. 47th St, stands out as an optimal choice. Why? Well, our location isn’t just in the heart of the luxury market; it’s where expertise, confidentiality, and competitive offers converge. With over three decades of experience, we understand the value of both modern and vintage timepieces. Selling your watch should be a transparent process that respects the value of your item, which is what we aim to provide at every step.

How to sell my luxury watch in New York?

To sell a luxury watch in New York effectively, start by gathering any documentation and original packaging you have–these elements can significantly enhance the value of your watch. Next, it’s crucial to research reputable buyers who specialize in luxury watches to ensure you’re receiving a knowledgeable and fair evaluation. At Unlimited Buyers, we welcome you to visit us at our Diamond District location, where our experts will conduct a thorough evaluation, explaining each factor that contributes to the offer we make. This hands-on approach ensures you’re fully informed and confident in your selling decision.

How do I find watch buyers?

Finding reputable watch buyers requires a bit of legwork, primarily to ensure you’re dealing with professionals who understand the value of your timepiece. Start by seeking out establishments with solid reputations in the luxury market, particularly those with expertise in luxury watches. Online reviews and testimonials can provide insight into customer experiences. For those in or near New York City, Unlimited Buyers is a destination backed by decades of experience and countless satisfied clients. We not only understand the true value of luxury watches but also ensure a process that respects your time and privacy.

Does anyone buy old watches?

Absolutely, vintage watches are highly prized items in the luxury market. Their value often transcends mere functionality, encapsulating history, craftsmanship, and rarity. At Unlimited Buyers, we have a particular fondness for vintage timepieces. Our experts are adept at assessing their worth, taking into account factors like condition, brand, rarity, and provenance. So, if you have an old watch tucked away, it could be worth more than you imagine. We encourage you to bring it to our experts for an evaluation and potentially unlock a piece of history’s value.

Why choose Unlimited Buyers for selling your luxury watch?

Choosing where to sell your luxury watch is a decision that goes beyond just the transaction; it’s about partnering with someone who recognizes and respects the value of your piece. Unlimited Buyers stands out for several reasons. Firstly, our deep-rooted expertise in the luxury market, especially within New York City’s Diamond District, provides us with unparalleled insight into the current value of high-end watches. Secondly, we pride ourselves on a transparent, respectful process–from evaluation to offer. Our aim is not just to buy your watch but to ensure that you feel informed and satisfied with the transaction. Additionally, our personalized service tailored to each client’s needs sets us apart, ensuring that your experience is as unique and valuable as the watch you’re looking to sell.


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  • XRF Gold Testing Machines – Learn more about XRF gold testing machines and how they are used to evaluate the purity of gold in luxury items.
  • RapNet for Diamonds – Discover RapNet, a platform for diamond trading and pricing information to ensure transparency in diamond evaluations.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) – Check the Better Business Bureau for ratings and reviews of businesses to ensure reliability and trustworthiness.
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